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According to Ayurveda, the first requirement for healing oneself and others is a clear understanding of the three doshas. The concept of Vata-Pitta-Kapha is unique to Ayurveda and it holds the potential for revolutionizing the healing systems.

Tridosha Concept: Inside the body, there are three doshas which govern the phyico-chemical and physiological activities.

Doshas Elements Common Disorders
VATA Earth & Air Pains, Gastric
PITTA Fire & Water Skin Disorders, Gastric
KAPHA Water & Earth Nasal Blockage, Cold

Individual constitution is acquired at birth and remains constant through life. Through Ayurvedic books, teachers, and courses, one is able to determine one's individual constitution and thereby knowing which direction to take for self-diagnosis purposes.

A balance among the tridosha is necessary for health. For example, the air principle kindles the bodily fire, but water is necessary to control fire, otherwise the bodily fire would burn the tissues. Vata moves Kapha and Pitta, since Kapha and Pitta are immobile. Together, the tridosha governs all metabolic activities; anabolism (Kapha), catabolism (Vata), and metabolism (Pitta). When Vata is out of balance, the metabolism will be disturbed, resulting in excess catabolism, which is the breakdown or deterioration process in the body. When anabolism is greater than catabolism, there is an increased rate of growth and repair of the organs and tissues. Excess Pitta disturbs metabolism, excess Kapha increases the rate of anabolism and excess Vata creates emaciation (catabolism).

Here comes the role of Kerala Ayurvedic Centre. We help you balance these doshas & cure the body using natural herbs & oil, without any side effects.

During Ayurvedic consultation, we examines the root cause of the ailment and prescribes treatments that are either Sodhana therapy for cleansing of metabolic wastes, Samana therapy for therapuetic benefits and Brahmana therapy for body rejuvenation.

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Abhyangam Navarakizhi

Full Body Massage with Rice and Milk

is a five fold detoxification procedure consisting of :

Virechanam (purgation)

Vamanam (inducing vomiting)

Vasti (enema)

Nasyam (nasal drops)

Asrikvisruti (blood letting)

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